Join Medpace experts as they explore the application of pharmacoeconomic assessment throughout all phases of clinical trials as well as in observational studies, including registries and other post-marketing data collection. 
You will learn: 

  • How pharmacoeconomic assessment can be envisioned in the context of early phase product development implemented, maintained to support product marketing, and used to inform future decision-making
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis at different phases in the product development cycle
  • Pharmacoeconomic assessment in the post-marketing context
  • Comparing and contrasting approaches for small/medium product developers relative to larger companies
  • Case studies on “real world” implementation

Watch the Webinar

Matthew Page, PhD, MPP

Matthew Page has a diverse background in academia and research including teaching college courses in epidemiology and biostatistics and working with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to implement numerous pharmacoeconomic methodologies, including cost-effectiveness analysis and budget impact modeling. 

Presented by:
Matthew J. Page, PhD, MPP,
Epidemiologist, Medpace

Pharmacoeconomic Assessment Webinar

Lyon Gleich, MD

Presented by:
Lee Walke -
Vice President, eClinical, Medpace

Lee Walke has nearly 25 years of progressive clinical development experience with expertise in collecting real-world outcomes and clinical data, data integration, endpoint derivation, electronic submissions, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO). 

Discover the Power of X in Real World Evidence and Late Phase Research. 

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